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  • How long will it take to clean my office?
    Unfortunately there is no specific answer for this. It all depends on the size of the office and what your individual needs are. We would arrange a site visit and tailor a package to suit your business needs.
  • Are we still able to book your services during lockdown?
    We are still open and able to work as we are key workers. All our staff wear PPE and we just ask that if anyone is ill at your premises you advise us of this before we attend.
  • Are you licenced waste carriers?
    Yes indeed we are. We are registered as a waste carrier with Natural Resources Wales. We can also provide you with waste transfer notes. We only take waste to licenced recycling centres to ensure as much of the waste as possible gets recycled.
  • Can I use my oven straightaway after it has been cleaned?
    Yes you certainly can. As soon as we have left the property your oven will be ready to use.
  • Are you able to complete power washing when I have no outside water supply?
    We certainly can as long as it arranged prior to us arriving. We can bring our 1000L water tank and complete the required work.
  • How long does it take for Carpets and Upholstery to dry after cleaning?
    Your carpets will be touch dry within 2-3 hours and your upholstery will be touch dry after 3-4 hours. Drying time depends on conditions at the property. If windows are left open to give a good air circulation at the property then this will help them dry quicker.
  • Can you clean my business premises outside our working hours?
    We certainly can by prior arrangement. Let us know what your working hours are and we can work around your business needs.

Billing & Pricing

Find The Best Package For Your Budget

Payments Accepted

Unless otherwise agreed payment of our agreed fee is due immediately upon completion of the services.
Fees can be paid by cash or credit card/debit card.

Contract Cleaning is invoiced monthly with a 30 day payment period.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel any booked in work then please give us 48 hours notice so we can offer your appointment to someone else.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely happy with our service then please notify us within 48 hours in order that we may remedy the situation at no additional charge. The quality of our cleaning is always guaranteed.

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